Mutare’s fast, accurate, and highly secure giSTT gateway provides automated speech to text transcription for nearly every type of recorded audio file and can be applied to a wide range of business applications, including:

  • Archived voicemail transcription (SOX compliance, risk management)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) transcription
  • Field notes transcription/CRM integration
  • Job application interviews
  • Job site reports
  • Analysis of market research calls
  • Analysis of customer survey responses
  • Sales call review/data mining
  • Automated ticket creation from recorded IT/Help Desk calls
  • After hours customer service calls

Enable Deeper Data Discovery Through Speech Analytics

Apply Mutare’s intelligent speech analytics capabilities to your speech to text transcriptions and gain powerful insights into the nature, content, and quality of your voice recordings for improved customer response and workflow optimization. Some of the key data revealed through the Mutare analytics engine:

  • Confidence scoring
  • Emotional identification
  • Gender identification

Let Mutare’s experts help you realize the many ways speech to text transcription with analytics can benefit your business and your bottom line.

What We Transcribe