As an early pioneer in the delivery of speech to text services, Mutare continues to set the standard for fast, accurate, cost-effective voice transcription that integrate seamlessly with your existing voicemail platform. Service Providers can now offer their customers the option to have their voicemail messages converted to text and delivered to their PCs or mobile devices as an email. And that means:

  • Increased satisfaction for your customers

  • Competitive advantage for you as a carrier offering this much-desired feature

  • Additional income stream to your bottom line


  1. Because of our experience. Mutare launched the first-of-its-kind unified messaging application for business voicemail-to-email transcription in 2008 and has continued to stay ahead of the curve in quality and value.
  2. Because of our reputation. Mutare’s outstanding support for its customers and understanding of their business needs is built on more than 25 years of experience in the business of telecom software development.
  3. Because of our expertise and customization. Mutare works closely with its customers to make sure our solutions are a perfect fit for your needs. For example, our voicemail transcription offering includes the option to add your logo or specialized look to the email delivery, and that means extending a positive image of your brand to every end user. It’s those “special touches” that make Mutare’s offerings unique.
  4. Because our offerings go beyond voicemail transcription. When you choose to work with Mutare, you gain access to the power of Mutare’s extensive product portfolio, including our EVM unified messaging application for multi-modal message delivery and voicemail management. Talk to a Mutare representative to see how our solutions can extend the value of your service offerings to your customers.  
  5. Because of our versatility. Mutare’s giSTT speech to text API supports quick and easy integration with both premise-based and cloud communication platforms including Broadsoft, Asterisk, Lynux and Open Source solutions.