Enhance Contact Center Operations with Automated Speech to Text Transcription

Integrate speech to text into your contact center operations for reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased agent productivity. Using Mutare’s fast, highly accurate giSTT transcription to convert recorded voice files to text, contact centers are able to:

  1. Optimize agent efficiency/effectiveness. Transcription of call center recordings provides an easy-to-analyze database of all agent-customer interactions so administrators can better understand and make informed decisions about call distribution, agent effectiveness and overall operational efficiency. Speech to text transcription also facilitates simple call dispositioning which means agents can spend more time serving customer callers and less time logging call outcomes.
  2. Provide valuable intelligence for training and "best practices" development. Analyze the content of agent/customer calls to better understand what approaches produce positive outcomes, reduce average handle time, and increase first call resolution.
  3. Monitor employee compliance. Savable, searchable text transcriptions of agent interactions assures agent compliance with established regulations and processes, and also protects against fraud.
  4. Extract, save customer information. Convert difficult to access voice data into easily accessible, valuable customer information that can be analyzed and saved to your CRM so agents gain a deeper understanding of your customers and can provide a more directed response to their needs.
  5. Increase sales. By analyzing the content of successful vs. unsuccessful calls, contact center administrators can identify which sales strategies and choice of words are most effective. These insights can be built into your sales training and will help current agents close more sales faster. Sales call transcription also provides a valuable, easily shared source of information for company marketing and product development groups looking to better understand the needs of the market and stay ahead of the competition.